Yuvraj Singh’s Fashion Label YWC Launches Its First TVC

YWC, a fashion label by cricketer Yuvraj Singh, has launched its first TVC campaign. The theme of the TVC revolves around 'Get up and Do it again' philosophy, a reflection of the fighter spirit of the brand ambassador and owner, Yuvraj Singh.

The larger level message that goes out via the TVC is to never let the champion within us die out. Life is a challenge but that is what makes it worthwhile and every challenge/failure brings the opportunity to emerge as a hero.

The TVC revolves around the story of Yuvraj Singh, the maverick who has broken conventions and the stigma around cancer. During the initial shots, we see him thinking aloud and talking about what it takes to be a champion. His entire life journey is projected very powerfully through the visuals; we see him recalling the highest highs to the lowest lows of his life. Images of Yuvraj from the time of him being the young turk who used to hit sixes at his will to the traumatic phase in the hospital takes the audiences on an emotional ride.

The film has been directed by Prasad Naik and produced by Allan D'Souza & Geeta Laxman by Fusion Films.

The YWC TVC focuses on all the mavericks, the doers, the fighters, and the champions who have made a comeback against all odds. It is through and through about the conquerors at life. The music is directed by Micu Patel along with sound design team led by Arun Crasto. The YWC label, in harmony with modern silhouettes, offers a unique blend of futuristic designs, chic fabrics and attitude amalgamated in one perfect collection.

It offers top-notch clothing creating a new benchmark for premium fashion. Royalties from the sales proceedings from YWC label will be channelized to help support the YOUWECAN Foundation. Buying YWC product helps cancer survivors and patients for funding treatment and education to give them the fair chance of a much deserved life. The YWC label resonates the 'live, dare and inspire', motto of Yuvraj Singh.