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The seamless integration of the Indian tradition and western expression is now commonplace. And without a doubt, Shantanu & Nikhil have played an important role in aggregating the transition into the brand. The age old Indian culture has an undying character and spirit, but stagnation was harmful for its charisma. So they took a step forth....

Thus, the brand's philosophy- “Progressive unification” Shantanu & Nikhil have only looked forward, culling the essence of Indian tradition and blending it carefully with fleeting modernity. Evolving phenomenal design and free expression is not just their expertise, it is their passion

The Couture Gowns, Contemporary Lehengas, Concept Anarkalis, Saree Gowns, Draped Kurtas, Indo-Chic Jackets, are a mere showcase- transient & ephemeral, the philosophy is eternal. The designs change, but the vision of the perfect culmination between the novel and the classic remains. "As we grow, the world evolves and before the fashion industry reckons, our designs have ripened" The designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil have marked their excellence in the best of both worlds- "art and commerce" The creative half of the team, Nikhil Mehra pursued his Masters in Fashion from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise (FIDM), Los Angeles, while Shantanu completed his MBA in Finance from Ohio State University Consequently, Nikhil worked for St.John Knits, while Shantanu was with the corporate finance wing of General Motors. Their love affair with USA ended in 1999, after which both came back to India chasing their dream of launching a contemporary fashion brand "We believe that ours is the best combination of art and commerce in the creative world of fashion. This mindset is what prompted us to ally our respective backgrounds into something that could withstand the pressure of the ultra-dynamic and the accelerating fashion industry" Hence the birth of the brand Shantanu & Nikhil in 2000 Shantanu & Nikhil believe in excellence at its best and have been delivering the same ever since. Diversifying their boundaries, Shantanu & Nikhil have set a benchmark over period of 15 years, and will keep augmenting their horizons for measureless time, making the brand eternal....

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